4. Anonymous said: was this based on a true story?

    my life



    Curtis, your film is inspiring not because of the setting or even the violence, but because you have defied the odds in a non conventional sort of way. Society says african americans in your sitution know nothing about art, film, cinema. Not only were you able to convey your story, you were also able to get in touch with the right people to get your story out. People film for years and never reach your level of success.

     You are teaching us, your audience. There is a large group of  educated and non-educated Blacks, Whites,  Jews, Asians, young, elderly, and teens that want to hear more about Curtis Snow.  more about this African American  man who did what society said he couldn’t.


  6. classy-savage said: Hell yea drop that "a hustler a gangster and all that" track soon, im beggin you, it go hard af

    preciate it


  7. Anonymous said: what is the name of the song in the movie trailer?

    Stay Alive by King Kun


  8. Kalli Meisler, GreenbergPalmer PR

    do you need help getting press? I have a tremendous network in the film industry, we can talk.  

    yeah. get at me. snowonthabluff@gmail.com


  9. Back in the 90’s I lived on Echo st in the Bluff. I remember Lil B as a child before he caught his case. In any event I moved to Perry Blvd and was around the Diablo’s , then moved to Pittsburgh Pa. I hope this film helps Curt provide for himself and his kids so that he no longer has to live the way he was in the movie. By all means this is the most true film about the streets of the ATL. See why we call it Dirty South!!!


  10. Anonymous said: Just watched Snow of tha Bluff last night and was tense & sad. I need to know cuz I'm thinking about that poor little boy too much and it hurts, Is this movie 100% true? Or is it just based on what gang life is like? Was that actual adorable baby boy's mamma killed?


  11. Just watched the movie

    I just clicked on this in Netflix not planning to watch the whole thing due to the fact I got somewhere to be…..BUT! once I started to watch it I just didnt get up. This film needs to be seen by more people on a bigger platform. Excellent film. I do not, live this life but have been around it in Baltimore, MD. This film, if used properly, can teach. I dont know how authentic it is but it gets the job done, ya dig. I enjoyed it and will be having a “showing” at my house. I want to purchase the DVD to show my support. 


  12. Anonymous said: Is Curtis presently incarcerated?



  13. Anonymous said: what is the " a baller and gangster a hustler and all that" song playing in the car multple times in the movie

    it’s a track i made. i gonna drop it soon


  14. likedatdoe said: everyone who made this possible and participated.... is genius.


  15. porndad said: watched this today. Incredible piece of work. thank you...