1. The Atlanta Underground Film Festival just announced that Snow on tha Bluff has been accepted to their festival. September 22-25th 2011 Snow on tha Bluff @ ATL Underground Info

    Screens Friday, Sept 23rd, 11:59pm!!!

    For anyone who missed our Atlanta Film Festival premiere a few months back, the buzz was crazy! The workers at the theater told us, they had never seen the theater so packed full! People were sitting on the floor! People losing their minds! We hope that anyone who missed our premiere then, will be able to check us out at the Atlanta Underground in Sept!

  2. Snow on tha Bluff will be playing in New York City tomorrow, SAT Aug 20th 10:45pm, at the HBO NY Latino International Film Festival. The theater is the Chelsea Clearview…


    260 W 23rd St
    (between 7th Ave & 8th Ave)
    New York, NY 10011

    This film festival presented by HBO is an event not to be missed! You can get your tickets at the box office or you can get them online here. With an amazing catalog of films at this event, we are excited to have Snow on tha Bluff in the lineup! Producer Chris Knittel will be present at the screening.


  3. Snow on tha Bluff was just accepted to the Williamsburg International Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY. Sept 22 - 25th 2011

    The festival’s keep rolling! Follow us @snowonthabluff

  4. Conn Jackson + Snow on tha Bluff

    Conn TV’s recent interview guests include: Sugar Ray Leonard, Kim Kardashian, Matthew McConaughey, Hilary Duff, Taylor Swift…. and now Curtis Snow.

    Conn Jackson - Where you came from, do you see good guys, bad guys… or how do you see it?

    Curtis Snow - I seen good guys forced to do bad things… in order to make good things happen.


  5. Examiner NY: Snow on tha Bluff “A glimpse into a drug dealer’s reality”.

    Beverly Terry from the NY Underground Examiner just posted a feature on Snow on tha Bluff.

    Click on Logo for Article.

    Here’s a quote from the article,

    Most importantly this documentary narrative also shows its viewers the reality of a drug dealer’s life. It doesn’t boast the typical Hollywood perspective that’s glorified in today’s music, movies or television attempts. It portrays the violence, the degradation and particularly the loss that most drug criminals deal with “everyday, all day” as Curtis states in the film.
  6. Snow on tha Bluff was just accepted to the Arizona Underground Film Festival! September 16th-24th 2011

  7. In the movie Snow on tha Bluff, a man is lying in the street bleeding from a knife wound.

    This is the behind the scenes story of how : “Frank Got Stabbed”.

  8. Coolin It - Photo By Assante Lynch

    Be on the lookout for an upcoming video called, “Frank Got Stabbed”. If your a fan of the movie, and you remember the stabbing victim in the beginning, with the yellow tape and all the cop cars, your gonna get to hear Frank’s side of the incident, and how he survived the attack.

  9. Livin Sick + Snow on tha Bluff

    Behind the Scenes of Promo Shoot w/ Motion Fam & Photo Shoot

  10. Curtis Snow.

  11. What.

    photo by Diwang from Motion Family


  12. "And people in the audience are talking very loudly during that [movie]. It’s a crowd that likes to interact in the movie theater a lot, and that can enhance the viewing experience. I’ll be honest, I don’t like when people talk in the theater, but in this particular movie I don’t think it really mattered."

    Fight Breaks Out at Atlanta Film Fest Screening

    I’ve been reading up on a movie Snort This blogged about, a faux-doc called Snow On Tha Bluff, everything seems to be fucking amazing about the film.

    (They’re also on Tumblr)

    (Source: dopemove)


  14. 25 New Faces of Independent Film - Damon Russell

    Pick up a copy of Filmmaker Magazine, Snow on tha Bluff is in there!

    The 2011 “25 New Faces” list includes directors, screenwriters, composers, editors and actors scouted by Filmmaker’s editors over the last 12 months. It is the magazine’s bet on the future as well as its take on the current meaning of independent film. “Each person on this list is a story,” commented Filmmaker Editor in Chief Scott Macaulay, “and the sum total of all these tales speaks to the ways these artists are reinventing the definition of what it means to be an independent filmmaker.”

  15. Rule #1 “Never Front”